5 Highlight Items At The Animal Crossing Shop

Animal Crossing is an interactive video game that is set within a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. It is part of a social simulation game where players can interact with characters, take on various jobs to acquire items, and decorate their homes. 

If you enjoy the Animal Crossing video game series, you will be delighted to know that there is now a store where you can buy all sorts of Animal Crossing-themed items. The shop has lots of clothing and decorations designed after some of your favorite characters. Other things are shaped like various animals.

We have handpicked the 5 highlight items at the Animal Crossing Shop in this article.

  1. Animal Crossing Hoodies – Sweet Fishing Spot Hoodie

Animal Crossing shop

The Animal Crossing Hoodies line is full of fabulous items, but one item that caught our eye is the Sweet Fishing Spot Hoodie. This hoodie features a sweet fishing spot with some lovable animals. 

If you browse it, you will see a delicious cup of coconut ice cream. When you zoom in more closely, it will be an image of a bear cub sitting on a small island fishing for sharks. That’s such a hilarious and lovely image. The product comes in 5 colors and up to 8 sizes for you to choose from.

Take a look at to have more details https://animal-crossing.shop/product/animal-crossing-hoodies-sweet-fishing-spot-hoodie-tp2712/

  1. Animal Crossing Bags – Cute Sheep Pattern Tote Bag

animal crossing shop

The bag is perfect for carrying around your goodies, and it’s decorated with many cute sheep icons on the surface. It goes well with any outfit, and you will love how fun it looks when paired with this sweater that features sheep, too! 

The bag’s surface is white to highlight the lovely images of the sheep. The shoulder strap is black and solid. Two options are available for you, single-sided or double-sided, in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

Take a look at to have more details https://animal-crossing.shop/product/animal-crossing-bags-sheep-pattern-tote-tp2712/

  1. Animal Crossing Cases – Alpaca Couple Love Phone Case

Animal Crossing shop

Animal Crossing Cases are a must-have for any Animal Crossing fan. These cases come in many different designs, each with its own uniqueness. The Alpaca Couple Love Phone Case is one of the most famous cases and features the Alpacas couple with each other while they hand by hand on a white background with a yellow heart. There are many choices for Samsung phones and iPhones.

Take a look at to have more details https://animal-crossing.shop/product/animal-crossing-cases-alpaca-love-phone-case-tp2712/

  1. Animal Crossing Pillows – Crossing Guard I’ll Be There For You Pillow Gift

Animal crossing shop

This comfortable pillow is excellent for napping and snuggling. The front of the pillow features a design of the quote with the Friends TV series style “Crossing Guard I’ll Be There For You”. Pillow Care: Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Just like all of the other items in our shop, this pillow also features a 100% polyester cover and polyester fill for your comfort. This would definitely be an excellent addition to your living room at home or apartment!

Take a look at to have more details https://animal-crossing.shop/product/animal-crossing-pillows-crossing-guard-gifts-ill-be-there-for-you-pillow-tp2712/

  1. Animal Crossing Posters – Katrina’s Fortune Poster

animal crossing shop

Katrina is an Animal Crossing fortune teller who can change your luck if you pay her enough Bells. The next product is a poster with a mysterious image with the words “Remember That Bad Times Are Just Times That Are Bad”. The lines are very vivid and sharp. This poster will be a great highlight in your space. Try a little innovation, and you will have a great experience.

Take a look at to have more details https://animal-crossing.shop/product/animal-crossing-posters-katrinas-fortune-poster-tp2712/

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