Wilbur “Wilbur Soot” Gold is an English YouTube, Twitch streamer, and musician. He is popular for his Minecraft gameplay and is often seen playing alongside other popular Minecraft content creators such as TommyInnit, Nihachu, Tubbo, and others. He is currently a member of the Dream SMP server, and previously had a server of his own titled “SMPEarth.” He used to be a part of the SootHouse for which he was an editor and was a director. Wilbur Soot is also a musician, who sings, plays several instruments and also makes his own music. Not only that, he is a part of an English indie band named “Lovejoy” and they released their debut EP in 2021.

Wilbur currently has around 3.6 million followers on his Twitch channel, and the number only continues to grow as time passes. He averages around 73k live viewers on the platform per live stream that he conducts. He has several YouTube channels; on his main “Wilbur Soot,” he holds around 5.6 million subscribers and has around 575 million views across all of his videos. He is often seen collaborating with other Minecraft content creators.

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How much is Wilbur Soot’s total net worth?

Wilbur Soot’s net worth is estimated to be around $700k. He not only is an online content creator, posting on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter but he also sells his own merchandise and makes and releases music of his own. He also plays guitar and is the lead vocalist for a band called Lovejoy. He was formerly an editor for a well-known Minecraft content creator and thus has several avenues through which he generates his revenue from.

How much does Wilbur Soot earn?

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While Wilbur Soot has around 5 YouTube channels, most of them are inactive or have no schedule and are posted on rarely. He is active on one channel – namely, his main YouTube channel, “Wilbur Soot” and from that, he earns around $37k a month. His Twitch channel, on the other hand, makes around $16.5k to $18.5k a month, depending on the number of subs. He earns an additional amount from subscribers that pay a higher amount, as well as donations. Wilbur also earns an unknown amount from his music.

Wilbur is estimated to earn around $663k from his YouTube and Twitch channels. His income would be higher as he also sells merchandise, music, and also receives donations from viewers on Twitch.

Earnings from other venues

Wilbur Soot earns an unknown amount of money from his music career. He also works as a vocalist and a guitarist for the band Lovejoy, who recently released an EP in May 2021. Wilbur’s latest EP with regards to his personal work was in June 2020, titled “Your City Gave Me Asthma.” This is a reference to how living in London caused him asthma because of the city’s polluted air.

Wilbur Soot also sells merchandising of his brand image.

Earnings as a Youtuber

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Wilbur Soot currently has over 5.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is estimated to make around $37.8k a month from the platform, and a total of about $453k per annum. He has a generously large number of views, and his regular posting schedule helps with those numbers as well. He is also frequently collaborating with other popular Minecraft YouTubers.

Earnings as a Twitch Streamer

Wilbur Soot makes a very significant portion of his income from his Twitch streams as he brings in around 73k viewers for every stream he does. Assuming all of his subscribers are the lowest tier, it is estimated Wilbur makes around $16.5k to $18.5k a month, and $198k to $222k a year from the platform. However, adding to this the higher-tiered subscribers he accumulates, plus the donations and bits he receives, this number is bound to be much higher in reality.

Other Sponsorship Deals

Wilbur has previously been sponsored by ASUS, miHoYo (for Genshin Impact), State of Survival, Knockout City, Dell, Epic Games and Core. He carries out most of his sponsorships on his YouTube channel.

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